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#2 Ahuehuetes ⌇ 150×100 cm ⌇ 2022

This quilt is divided into four sections. The first section is pink, it is the home I spent my childhood in. It is somebody else’s home now, my parents sold it when I was ten so we could move to a bigger house in a different neighborhood, where I could have my own room after sharing it with my sister for about six years. That ‘own room’ is not my room anymore either, my sister turned it into a studio when I moved out.

The second section of this quilt is brown. It has three intersecting ovals. It’s a staircase that leads to the apartment above us. On the lower part of the quilt are the parking spots in front of the house but seen from above. A grid of concrete tiles on top of the grass.

In front of the stairs, in the fourth section of the quilt, there are four short trees sitting on a square patch of grass. The first time I thought of running away and leaving the house I thought I’d bring some blankets and tie them to the branches of those trees to make walls. I would build a home right outside of my parent’s. I never did it.

I’ve been thinking about this house lately. It’s still there, I googled it. The trees are still there too. Sometimes I’m in the middle of doing something and all of a sudden I start to feel like I did when I was 6 at home and my mom’s crying on the couch by the window because she misses her own mom. Or, it’s 5 pm and I’m making dinner but I feel in a bright sunny day, 2 pm, after school, my mom is cooking sopa de municiones. I want to express the feeling of those fleeting moments with this quilt. I was home. 

We were living in this house when my mom lost her parents. I’ve been feeling like this since I lost their physical presence by moving to such a faraway city, but I feel their love regardless.

With this quilt, I want to remember the girl I used to be. Before puberty, before my depression hit, and before I was aware of the complexity of existence.

family photo taken outside my childhood home, 2002 (?)

early sketch 

9.5×9.5 cm
paper collage

36×24 cm
gouache on paper

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