Dian Soto Vega


I am a craftswoman, textile artist, and designer. 

I was born and raised in Tlalnepantla, a municipality belonging to Mexico City’s metropolitan area. 

From the Nahuatl
tlali – earth
nepantla – in the middle of
Tlalnepantla – in the middle of the earth.

I am a woman, mestiza, feminist, and currently a migrant.

I moved to the Netherlands in the summer of 2020. 

The craft has taught me love and patience, and the textiles and the process of naturally dyeing them (with the help of water, fire, air, roots, seeds, flowers, and beans), have given me an opportunity to re-connect with Earth.

With my work, I investigate my positionality, my self in relation to other beings, to Earth. I look back into my memories. I explore my relationship with those who came before me, my ancestors, them, who visit me in dreams.

I have found a praxis for re-membering lost pieces of me (of us) that were (and still are) made invisible by the violence of coloniality.



unit 1.2 in De Wasserij

Sint-Agathastraat 54,
3037 SH Rotterdam,
The Netherlands

contact: sotovegadian@gmail.com ⌇ instagram: @diannsv ⌇tumblr: @diannsv ⌇pinterest: @diannsv
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